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26 April 2018

The my Vida journey program enables all kids to monitor their progress from when they start tennis through to playing real tennis, club junior competition or entry level tournaments. As the structured levels progress so does the child’s skills, confidence & ability, receiving certificates to show their achievements and progressions along the way. All kids who do Hot Shots Lessons or Group lessons will be constantly assessed to fast track their game so they can play “real tennis” as soon as possible. Tennis lessons use modified balls & equipment and incorporate the Tennis Australia Hot Shots program.

The My Vida Journey program is broken down into development areas:

Head Start

The Vida Head Start stages are designed to develop and master fundamental perceptual motor skills, the building blocks of sport, physical activity and child development. These don’t develop automatically. Children without FPMS are severely disadvantaged when it comes to the sport, physical and psychological experiences they will enjoy during a lifetime. Through early purposeful play experiences, children will develop the sensory and movement abilities to; locomotion & balance, catch, track & intercept, throw, kick and strike, cognitive development and therefore have every opportunity to develop a love of sport, health and fitness. Each activity will use a combination of some or all FPMS at any one time, and have a link to the game of tennis, to help the child transition into the next stages of their “my Vida journey” program.
The program has four levels which are structured around four key developmental areas:

  • Throwing, Kicking & Striking
  • Catch, Interception & Tracking
  • Locomotion, Balance & Agility
  • Cognitive Development

Once the child has completed the first objectives in each of the four developmental areas they will receive their 1/4 certificate. Each Head Start level guides the child further towards mastering their FPMS and achieving their FULL Head Start Certificate.

My Progress

Once a child has mastered their Fundamental Perceptual Motor Skills (FPMS) in the Head Start Program they move into the “my Progress” levels. These stages guide the child through their tennis pathway with key milestones along the way. These milestones are related to competition play, theme and colour ball progressions. The programs starts with a co-operate theme and then transitions into compete as the child entered Hot Shots Leagues and beyond. As the child achieves each level, they will receive their certificate to mark their progress.

There are 8 levels in the program with the child having to achieve a task/s in 6 key learning areas of tennis.

  • Forehand & Backhand
  • Ralley
  • Net Play
  • Serve & Return
  • Game Base
  • Physical Development

Tennis lessons are structured to teach the required components within their group lessons.

There are many other developmental aspects to the 8 levels including; transitioning from co-operative to competitive activities, monitoring physical development, learning the history of the game, understanding scoring and the rules of the game.

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